There are at least 2 important environmental toxicologists/environmental chemists
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        I teach courses related to the fate and analysis of chemical contaminants in the environment.  These courses are part of our graduate curriculum in the Department of Environmental Toxicology.  The primary course I teach is "Analytical Toxicology".   I also teach portions of "Chemical Sources and Fates in Environmental Systems" and "Analytical Toxicology Lab" with Dr. Jaclyn Canas.  You can check out some of the lecture topics for my courses below.  

        If you have an interest in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, I would encourage you to check out our Department and graduate curriculum and think about going to graduate school at Texas Tech.


Lecture Topics for the Courses I Teach:

Analytical Toxicology

Physical Properties
Extraction Methods
Principles of Chromatography
GC Detectors
LC Detectors

Chemical Sources and Fates in Environmental Systems (my lectures cover some of the following)

Chemical Processes in Sediments
Microbial Processes in Aquatic Systems
Soil Composition and Structure
Factors Controlling Chemical Mobility in Soils
Fundamental Behavior of Chemicals in Groundwaters
Exposure Routes
Plant Uptake and Metabolism
Bioaccumulation, Bioconcentration, and Biomagnification