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By Seshadri Ramkumar Texas Tech University

TexSnips (Textile Snippets) are brief write-ups on new research & development and market information concerning fiber and related disciplines written and distributed by Dr. Seshadri Ramkumar of the Nonwovens and Advanced Materials Laboratory at Texas Tech University, USA. TexSnips articles are picked-up by media outlets such as Commodity Online, India, WTiN, England, and Cotton24/, USA.


Dr. Seshadri Ramkumar is currently a full professor in the Department of Environmental Toxicology at Texas Tech University. His research focuses on developing value-added materials using nonwoven and nanotechnology. He supervises the Nonwoven and Advanced Materials Laboratory at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health, TTU. He currently holds two US patents and two US pending applications. He is the editor of a comprehensive magazine on technical textiles: Nonwoven and Technical Textiles that will be published from Fall 2007. He is the editorial board chairman of Nonwoven and Technical Textiles Journal. He serves in the editorial boards of three international peer-reviewed journals. He is the Co-chairman of The Association of Nonwoven Industry’s India committee. He has successfully organized four international conferences on advances in fibrous materials. To date, he has graduated 13 MS and PhD students at Texas Tech University. His research on nonwoven decontamination wipe has resulted in technology transfer and will be commercialized very soon.

Dr. Ramkumar

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